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College and Career Advantage

What is College and Career Advantage?

What is College and Career Advantage?

  • Career and Technical Education classes which provide high quality, relevant and engaging career technical education that prepare students for career and academic success.
  • State-funded education, providing career/technical preperation and guidance to meet indentified educational standards and industry needs.
  • Classes are taught by fully credentialed teachers, experienced in their related industries.
  • Elective courses that may include internships and may articulate with local community colleges.
  • High school students gain experience required for immediate employment, earn certificates of completion, gain career edperience to help choose college majors and enhance college admission applications.
  • Classes with an asterick meet the UC approval for a Visual and Performing Arts elective.


Jeremy Golden Actors Repertory*, Stagecraft*
Douglas Mack Automotive Mechanics and Technology
Jon Ohnstad Video Production*, Digital Photo*, TV/Broadcast Journalism*
Vanessa Boyle Culinary Arts, Baking
Jasmine Lee AP Computer Science
Petra Solarzano Architectural Design, Engineering
Kelli Murphy Biotechnology
Joseph Belanto Forensic Science
Lori Smith
Multimedia Design
Moira McClory
Sports Medicine
Industry Sectors and Pathways

Industry Sectors and Pathways

Industry Sector CTE Pathways
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Design, Visual & Media Arts, Performing Arts, Production & Managerial Arts
Engineering & Architecture Architectural Design, Engineering Design
Health Science & Medical Technology Biotechnology, Forensics, Sports Medicine
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Food Science, Food Service
Transportation Structural Repair, System Diagnostics, Service & Repair