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Community Service

Community service allows students in a democracy to learn about the society in which they live while helping to improve the community around them.  We encourage our members, as well as prospective members, to participate in volunteer activities that interest them without expecting remuneration or other types of compensation.  Preference is given to students who work in non-profit organizations.  In this way, rather than focusing on personal gain, students develop a fundamental understanding about the needs of the community while their self-confidence and nascent leadership skills are enhanced. 
Volunteering in organizations such as churches, youth groups, schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations are good examples of how students can learn about their community.  NHS members make use of their academic skills to help with after school tutoring programs.  They employ their musical talents to perform for and interact with seniors in elder care facilities. They work in libraries, volunteer in animal shelters, gather food and clothing donations for the needy, etc.  Some of our members make contact with a larger community when they decorate Rose Parade floats every year. 
Our members are expected to volunteer only ten hours of community service per semester, but many of them contribute much more.  This is because students who are talented and intelligent quickly learn through community service that they can make a difference in our society.  This, very simply, is valuable experience that helps to create society's leaders of the future.