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When is graduation?
Graduation is on Thursday, May 30th at 4 pm in the Wolverine Stadium. 
When is rehearsal?
Rehearsal is at 9:00 am on Wednesday, May 29th in Wolverine Stadium.
When do I get my cap and gown?
These will be given out at rehearsal at 9:00 am on Wednesday, May 29th in Wolverine Stadium.
Are leis and other items of cultural/religious significance allowed at the ceremony?
IF they are presented and approved at graduation rehearsal, traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of cultural or religious significance can be worn at graduation. Any student who has not gotten pre-approval will not be allowed to wear additional items. Caps cannot be decorated.
Are cell phones allowed?
Cell phones are NOT allowed. Please be sure to decide upon a meeting point for your family for after the ceremony before lining up for graduation. Cell phones will have to be returned to vehicles if they are brought to the processional lineup. 


Graduation this year for the Class of 2024 will be on May 30th, 2024 at 4:00pm. This page will continue to be updated with important information for families.

Graduation this year for the Class of 2024 will be on May 30th, 2024 at 4:00pm. This page will continue to be updated with important information for families.

Aliso Niguel High School is pleased to share with you information regarding our upcoming in-person graduation ceremonies. Aliso Niguel High School will be holding our graduation ceremony at the Wolverine Stadium on Thursday, May 30th, 2024, beginning promptly at 4 pm. Gates to the stadium will open at 2:30 pm. The ceremony is expected to last approximately an hour and a half. Our graduation ceremony will be traditional in its agenda and include all the celebratory pomp and circumstance associated with this important event. 
The production of an outstanding event requires precise organization and total support of students, parents, and guests. As a family, please review the following guidelines and responsibilities.


A mandatory graduation rehearsal will be held on the stadium field starting promptly at 9:00 am on Wednesday, May 29th. Each student is required to attend. Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure an on-time check-in. You will need to bring an ID. Seniors must be present at the rehearsal in order to walk in the graduation ceremony. Students must be on time for both the graduation rehearsal and final ceremony. On this day you can expect the following: 
  • Students will choose their seats for the ceremony
  • Students will get instructions for the ceremony day
  • Any regalia the student wishes to wear, that is not provided by the school, must be brought to and approved at rehearsal (see below). Leis are not allowed at the ceremony unless they are approved at the rehearsal. 
  • Caps and gowns will be distributed
  • Complimentary tickets will be distributed
  • Caps, tassels, and medallions will be available for sale for $10 each
Seniors must be present at the rehearsal in order to walk in the ceremony. Students must arrive on time for both the graduation rehearsal (9 am) and the final ceremony (2:45 pm)


Student Appropriate Attire/Behavior:  Distribution of previously purchased caps and gowns will take place on Wednesday, May 29th, at rehearsal.  Recommended graduation attire for students includes any of the following:  a collared shirt, with or without a tie, a blouse, nice pants, an afternoon dress or skirt.  Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, hats, and flip-flop sandals are inappropriate and unacceptable for a dignified graduation ceremony.  Cell phones, cameras, flowers/leis (unless pre-approved at rehearsal), purses, water bottles and any other items are not permitted during the student line-up or graduation ceremony.  Water will be available during lineup. Cap and gowns, may NOT be altered in any way, including no decorations on graduation caps.   
Additional Attire/Regalia:State Legislature passed AB 1248 (Gloria) in 2018, adding Education Code section 35183.1. The code allows students to wear “traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of cultural or religious significance” as adornment at school graduation ceremonies (emphasis added). A local education agency retains the discretion to limit an item that is likely to cause a substantial disruption of, or material interference with, the ceremony. The law requires that every graduating California student, regardless of their identity, are allowed to represent their family, culture, and/or faith affiliation in graduation ceremonies through regalia or adornments without substantial disruption or material interference with those ceremonies. Education Code section 35183.1(b) defines the term adornment as meaning: something attached to, or worn with, but not replacing, the cap and gown customarily worn at school graduation ceremonies. The term cultural is defined: recognized practices and traditions of a certain group of people.
If a student wishes to wear regalia that meets the above descriptions to graduation, they must present them at rehearsal. If not presented and approved at rehearsal, they will not be allowed at graduation. School staff will not be holding any personal items during the ceremony. They will need to be returned to your family. 
Other regalia provided by school-sponsored academic organizations, such as AVID, National Honors Society or the California Scholarship Federation are allowed. 
Student Footwear:   Students CANNOT wear high-heeled shoes during the ceremony; the heels of such shoes easily sink into the artificial turf of the field and are a serious tripping hazard.   Security will check student footwear prior to students entering the field.  Students wearing high-heeled footwear will be asked to change their shoes.  Wedge shoes and/or flat soles are required.  Our suggestion is to wear comfortable flat shoes for the ceremony and then change into other footwear of choice following the ceremony. 
Student Etiquette:  Graduates will enter the stadium in an orderly manner and will remain seated during most of the ceremony.   Our goal is to allow each and every graduate their moment in the spotlight as they cross the stage and their name is announced.  It is expected that graduates refrain from talking to other classmates during the presentation of diplomas.  Noisy or visual distractions can obviously detract from the celebration of each graduate.  Noise-makers, signs, fireworks, beach balls, or other distractions are prohibited anywhere in the stadium, as these are distractions and/or prevent each graduate’s name from being heard.  Students violating graduation policies will be removed to a restricted area and released to a parent following the ceremony.  In such situations, the diploma will be withheld pending a parent / administrator conference.


All students, regardless of GPA, will be ordering black gowns. Once GPA distinctions have been finalized by the guidance office, Jostens will switch out black robes for white robes prior to the students receiving them for those who have earned the distinction. 
Please contact our Jostens rep below to purchase keepsake caps & gowns or CLICK HERE.
More information on Cap & Gown purchase will be posted soon.
Aliso Niguel Jostens Representative: Jack Nicholson


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