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MEET YOUR 2024-2025 ASB

MEET YOUR 2024-2025 ASB

Executive Council:

Drake Smith, ASB President

Sierra Yoon, ASB Vice President

Katherine Verrando, ASB Secretary

Likish Velineni, ASB Treasurer

Faith Huebner, Senior Director of Activities

Ari Bilewitz, Senior Director of Communications

Finn Sullivan, Senior Director of Recognition


Class Council:

Kristy Kim, Senior Class President
Sienna Stand, Senior Class Vice President
Rachael Ryan, Junior Class President
Ulyana Tsetsulnikova, Junior Class Vice President
Lyla Fernandez, Sophomore Class President
Claire Bierman, Sophomore Class Vice President
Nadia Bonfanti, Freshman Class President
Gabriella Garcia, Freshman Class Vice President


Aubrey Holguin, Commissioner of Activities
Baran Fazl, Activities Committee
Scarlet Niu, Activities Committee
Ameera Navsariwala, Activities Committee
Jack Patterson, Athletic Team Recognition Commissioner
Camryn Reece, Athletics Committee
Delaney Cramer, Athletics Committee
Athena Valencia, Commissioner of Fine Arts
Rijul Kashyap, Commissioner of Social Media/Graphic Arts
Kayley Song, Social Media/Graphic Arts Committee
Amy Miller, Social Media/Graphic Arts Committee
Samantha Vu, Social Media/Graphic Arts Committee
Dilan Akdeniz, Commissioner of Posters
Taleiya Gordon, Posters Committee
Chloe Chik, Posters Committee
Mia Harris, Commissioner of Intramurals
Ella Volokhine, Intramurals Committee
Lita Simpson, Intramurals Committee
Nike Young, Loud Crowd Commissioner
Tiam Yaghmvei-Mizuicui, Lowd Crowd Committee
Joshua Sohn, Lowd Crowd Committee
John D'Amelio, Lowd Crowd Committee
Caleb Comerford, Lowd Crowd Committee
Carter Rios, Commissioner of Philanthropy
Windy Muccini, Philanthropy Committee
Ava Weaver, Commissioner of Pep
Charlotte Zames, Pep Committee
Olivia Trieu, Pep Committee
Becca Yong, Pep Committee
Rachel Sleeth, Commissioner of Special Events
Ansh Sharma, Commissioner of Teacher Relations
Aiyana Marsh, Commissioner of Student Relations
Alice Song, Student Relations Committee
Christian Gill, Commissioner of Public Relations
Christina Zierke, Commissioner of Internal Relations
Hobin Chang, Internal Relations Committee
Viana Najafi, Commissioner of Clubs
Ella Pitet, Clubs Committee
Kolbie Maranowski, Commissioner of Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI)
Rachel James, JEDI Committee
Wyatt Dalby, Lighting and Sound Commissioner
Russ Gohl, Tech Committee
Troy Kinney, Tech Committee
Daniel Gates, Tech Committee
Tyler Vovan, Video Director
Lucas Dalby, Video Technician


The purpose of ASB shall be to initiate and supervise all student activities, to manage student body funds, to encourage high standards of scholarship and citizenship, to advance the welfare of the students, to enhance student and teacher relations, to protect the rights of members and foster inclusion of their voices in dialogue within ANHS and the local community.

Aliso Niguel High School earns the 2024 National Gold Council of Excellence Recognition from the National Association of Student Councils



C. Ross
Carrie Ross, Activities Director
Phone: (949) 831-5590 ext. 624
Direct line:  (949) 215-9406
Sue Young, Activities Clerk
Phone: (949) 831-5590 ext. 604
Direct line:  (949) 215-9406
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