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Our Mission

Provide a safe and challenging learning environment that helps students realize their academic and personal potential.
The foundation of Aliso Niguel High School's learning environment is based upon a set of values shared among teachers, administrators, staff, and parents.
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Our shared core values unite and guide our learning community; fostering a love for learning is the main purpose of Aliso Niguel High School:
  • everyone in the Aliso Niguel High School learning community should act respectfully towards one another
  • students deserve a safe campus so that learning can take place
  • consistent, honest communication between parents, staff, and students is crucial to student success


Expected Learning Outcomes

Aliso Niguel High School will prepare its graduates to be...

Critical and independent thinkers who:
  • Recognize problems and formulate appropriate solutions.
  • Employ sound logic in the problem solving process.
  • Demonstrate usage of higher order thinking skills:
    • application
    • analysis
    • synthesis
    • evaluation
Technologically literate participants who:
  • Competently use essential computer applications.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use evaluate internet resources.
  • Create and present multi-media projects.
Positive contributors to society who:
  • Demonstrate ethically responsible conduct and behavior.
  • Display respect for others and the opinions of others.
  • Make contributions to their community.
  • Exhibit a working knowledge of government.
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