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Letters of Recommendation

2. Make a copy of the google doc and rename with your first and last name
3. Complete prior to your deadline
4. Share your unique google LOR forms with your School Counselor
If your college or scholarship application deadline is: Your Letter of Recommendation Packet deadline is:
November October 1, 2023 to January 9, 2024 Friday, September 29, 2023
January 10, 2024 and later Friday, October 13, 2023
  • Students applying to out-of-state or private colleges that require a letter of recommendation must electronically submit a letter of recommendation packet to their school counselor by the above deadlines
  • Students do not need letters of rec for Cal States or UC’s except for certain programs
  • Unsure if you need a letter?? Check the college website under admissions requirements 
Counselors WILL NOT be available to complete college evaluation paperwork or recommendations during Winter Break. Please adhere to deadlines to avoid this. If a packet is turned in after the above deadlines, the Counselor will do their best to write a letter of recommendation for that student, but cannot promise it will be completed prior to the deadline.


Most private university and scholarship applications will require that students submit letters of recommendation.  Some will specify who the recommender should be (teachers, employers, coaches, community and church leaders); others simply indicate how many recommendations are required.  Letters of recommendation give evaluators and selection committees' alternate information about you the person.  Keep in mind that these individuals will already have objective information - your grades, classes and test scores - they want to know about your character and who you are outside of the classroom, more appropriately, how others see you!!  

California State Universities and University of California (UC) college applications DO NOT require Letters of Recommendation
Tips for letters of  recommendation
  • Aspire to make good connections with teachers and other adults on campus so that when it comes time to request a recommendation, you have many options.
  • Choose adults who know you well; those who can write about not only your academic skills, but also your talents and abilities.
  • Choose recommenders who will write specific statements about you - not remarks that could apply to any student.
Steps to securing letters of recommendation
  • Ask teachers, coaches, administrators, counselors, employers, community and church leaders who know you well and who will write you a personalized and positive letter of recommendation.  If this person is a teacher, it is preferable that you are currently in his or her class or were a student of theirs the previous year.
  • PLAN AHEAD!  Make an appointment to speak with the person you are asking for a recommendation from no less than 3 to 4 weeks prior to the deadline. 
  • Provide your recommenders with important information that they may need to write a letter that truly represents your good qualities, character and outstanding skills.  Providing your recommender with a copy of your student resume, student profile and college essay will assist them in writing a more precise and thorough letter.
  • Provide your recommenders with the following: 1. Name and address of the school or scholarship you are applying to/for and a stamped addressed envelope if the school or scholarship committee requires that the letter be sent directly to them by the recommender (be sure to provide a manila envelope if the recommender is required to send additional documentation such as a copy of your transcript, etc.  2. DEADLINE or date that the letter needs to be submitted 3. A copy of your high school transcript, student resume, and a student profile (if available). 
  • Follow-up by thanking the person(s) who provided you with a recommendation.
Being PREPARED AND ORGANIZED will allow your recommenders to write an outstanding letter of recommendation!!