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To order an official transcript please click the link below


What is a transcript?
  • A transcript is an educational document that shows the course work a student has taken, the grades earned, and a breakdown of various grade point averages (GPA). Transcripts are either “unofficial” or “official”. A transcript is not a diploma.
Why do you need a transcript?
  • Transcripts are often used by college admissions advisors and used for a variety of educational scholarship opportunities.   They also provide valid proof of a student’s grade point average (GPA) for potential employment and for a possible “good student discount” for insurance companies. 
What is an Unofficial Transcript?
  • An unofficial transcript is a copy of the student’s transcript that is not signed, stamped or certified. It may include the word “unofficial” on it. This transcript is generally requested from a student or parent to review for accuracy or other personal reasons.

Unofficial transcripts may be downloaded from the Parent Portal. 
  • Please contact your counselor or Guidance Office if you have misplaced your Verification code that was sent to you from CUSD.
What is an Official Transcript?
  • An official transcript is a transcript that is signed, stamped and certified by a school official or by Parchment. Official transcripts may be obtained on-line through a secure FERPA compliant manner through Parchment. Orders can be placed any time or day. 
How do I order an Official Transcript through Parchment?           
  • Please note that school issued emails such as Canvas will not be available to the student or the parent after the students last date of attendance or graduation. Students should use another email account when ordering official transcripts through Parchment.
  • CUSD Parchment Website - follow the on-line instructions as prompted.
Can Official transcripts be submitted if I am using the Online Common Application?